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The Cost of a Wedding photographer in the UK

the Cost of Wedding Photography in uK?


Lets have a look and see what you can expect to pay and why!

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Getting Married and wondering what the cost of wedding photography in UK?

As a Northumberland Wedding Photographer I have written this article to help couples get an idea into the cost of wedding photography in Uk and how much you ca expect to pay for your Wedding Photography.

How much does wedding photography cost?

I have researched many articles and there is an interesting one at Hitched which gives the average cost of a Uk Wedding at £31,974. 

Wow!!…… but lets have a closer look at costing for your wedding photographer. 

There’s a lot to consider when planning a wedding and it’s completely up to you to decide what takes priority. 

You should be willing to invest in your photographs, as they are captured moments and memories. They are moments caught in time on film of the look in his eyes when he sees you walking down the isle for the first time, the look you give each other when you say “I do”.

When the flowers have faded and the last drink gone on the night you will still have your photographs which will rekindle the memories of one of the most special days in your life.

 At the end of the day, that’s what this is all about, right?

Put your feet up, I’ve done the work to find out what to expect to pay for your wedding photography!!

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Memories are gone in the blink of an eye but with professional images they can last a lifetime. As a registered Nikon Pro user I am fortunate to have and use professional equipment  capable of  capturing every moment as they occur.

Average cost of a Wedding

The National Wedding Survey 2019


Now lets check out Photography Costs!

After the cost of the rings, nationally the average cost of wedding photography in the UK ranges from approx £350 to £2250, though as this is a national average individual wedding photography estimates can vary and most importantly so can the packages. These averages may seem so far apart but they can range from a half day up to a full day.

The top of the range may also included a professional high quality album for the Bride and Groom and smaller copy albums to both sets of parents.

Northumberland wedding photography Bride and Groom

So when we look at the cost of your wedding photography we need to be aware of what is on offer.

Some may advertise a low rate but this is for a half day with added costs for additional hours. And be aware of hidden extras. More of that later!

When your looking for a wedding photographer you will be surprised how many are unwilling to display their prices and prefer to get you to contact them for a quote. This surprises me as all other wedding vendors have fixed costs for cakes, table settings, tie backs , flowers, disco, entertainment etc. I find it strange that after photographing over a hundred weddings they pretty much follow the same format….bridal preparation,bridesmaids,groomsmen,parents,service,reception couple shots and evening function. Every wedding is unique and different but they generally follow the same format so pricing is pretty much the same. The only outside consideration is the distance to travel and time to get there and back.

I like to display my prices up front and simply set a mileage restriction on how far I will travel. If I am required to go further my prices are exactly the same I just request additional to cover travelling expenses…..simple!!

 UK Average Wedding Photography Costs for a Full Day

UK National Minimum Cost


UK National Maximum Cost


UK National Average Cost


Average Northumberland Cost


How Much is a Wedding Photographer in The UK?

Northumberland wedding photography Bride and Groom

There are a variety of factors which influence the average cost of a wedding photographer and subsequently the average wedding cost in the UK. To find out what you need to consider when hiring a wedding photographer have a read through these top tips below.                                                               

How Much Are Wedding Photographer’s Packages?

Most wedding photographer’s prices vary between the different packages they offer. On average typical wedding photography prices range from £550 to £2500. Photography is competitive so many photographers will provide several package and pricing options that you can choose from to find the perfect photographer for your budget. 

The length of your wedding will effect the cost of your wedding photography. If you only need a photographer for your ceremony, you will pay less than if you need a photographer for an entire day. Getting ready, ceremony, and the reception takes up more of a photographer’s time and thus will cost more. Most photographers set a minimum time as if they book a 2 hr wedding a year in advance they could loose out on a full day wedding which is more lucrative.

The time you need a wedding photographer for will depend on your wedding day and plans for the day. When your looking for a photographer decide what you want covering and they will base their bid on your requirements.

What is Included in Wedding Photography Packages?

Wedding photography packages will include varying levels of service, ranging from the most basic to the most luxurious wedding photography service and everything in between. Dont be afraid to ask your photographer if there is a specific shot you are after. It may be one you have seen in a magazine or from the web. Don’t worry they will have been asked before. Here at Northumberland Wedding Photography I’ve photographed bubbles, sparklers, fire throwers, magicians and of course pets in weddings.

To help you get started with planning your wedding photography budget check out our Blog Weddings on a Budget.

When you are looking through your wedding photographer’s packages you should also inquire and confirm what is available.

Basic wedding photography packages generally include the photography of your wedding ceremony and digital copies of your photos.

A local wedding photographers price package may not include meetings before the wedding to prepare which is a great idea.

A Half Day wedding photography packages usually include the photography of your wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast. 

A Full Day wedding photography package usually includes the photography of your wedding from start to finish. This will be from bridal preparations in the morning until after the last dance in the evening with everything in between. Full Day packages include a longer time with your wedding photographer, and they will capture every bit of your wedding day. Some photographers also throw in an engagement or pre shoot in your package. In terms of editing and delivery of your wedding photos, your wedding photographer will need at least a week or two after your big day to finish your photos. They will likely edit a selection of your photos and provide them to you in a private online album or on line in social media so your guest can see a reminder of your special day. From there, you will likely be able to choose the photos you love the most and have them printed or turned into an album.

Size matters and can effect the cost.

If your having an extra large wedding it may require the attendance of additional photographers to ensure that every moment is captured. This would then be reflected in a higher cost to cover the additional photography services they provide in additional photographers attendinng. if its a large wedding it gives the oppertunity of a photographer with both the Bride and Groom pre ceremony.  

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Northumberland wedding photography Bride and Groom

Winter or Summer Weddings

Some  photographers charge extra for weekend weddings, so check to see if its cheaper during the week or a Friday. The Venue may also be cheaper and help with your budget.  The time of the year also has an effect on costs. A Winter Wedding is generally cheaper than a Summer one and many Venues and Photographers have Winter deals when it is naturally quieter.

What Is The Average Price For a Wedding from County to County!!

The average wedding cost and prices for wedding photographers in London and Greater London are generally higher than a wedding photographer’s prices in other parts of the rural UK. This means that your location can impact the overall cost of your photography.

Still, finding an affordable wedding photographer is easier than you might think. By comparing prices from multiple photographers you can find a photographer in your budget.

Wedding Photography is a very competitive market but dont just be swayed by price. The best thing about wedding photography is that you can see before you buy as all photographers should have a website to display their work.

Your wedding photographer will take photos at your chosen wedding venue. We recommend visiting your wedding venue with your photographer ahead of time so that you can get a feel for the location and take some test shots with your photographer.

Depending on your wedding photographer’s home location, they may request that you cover some of their travel expenses to your wedding venue. If you feel strongly about a photographer, you should seriously consider it. Your wedding only happens once, after all, so it’s important that your photos be as beautiful and memorable as possible.

If you are on a tight budget for your wedding photography, why not look to hire a local photographer. With so many talented and affordable wedding photography professionals located across the UK, you’re sure to find a photographer who offers wedding photography price packages that fit your budget

How are your images delivered will effect the cost.

Your photographer will likely include both digital and physical prints of your wedding. They may also gift you a luxury USB with your photos on it. Albums generally add to the expense. The format of your wedding photos will depend on your preferences. 

If you want to share them on social media but don’t care about prints, go the digital route. On the other hand, if you want your photos to last for generations to come, you’ll want to splurge on a printed wedding album and plenty of prints. Most images are provided via aUSB Stick,Online Digital images or Physical prints or albums.

Do you require an Album and how it will effect your wedding cost.

If you’re looking for digital photos only, you’ll pay less than if you want multiple printed albums or framed photos.

 Your wedding photographer will likely provide a quality product and they are expensive to produce.  You would probably be able to DIY an album and get them printed yourself as there are many professional service now available online. This is the benefit of modern technology as it was once unavailable to couples.   

Beware of hidden Extras 

Most wedding photographers offer extras that you can choose to personalise your wedding photography package. These extras include more edited photos, prints of your photos, wedding albums, slideshows, canvas’s and more. Pricing and extras should be clear but be aware of the classic up-sell.

 What is a Reasonable Price For a Wedding Photographer Considering Experience?

As with most services, a photographer’s experience will play a part in how much your wedding photography costs. Less experienced photographers starting out may offer their services at a lower rate, as they are looking to build their portfolio and build their skills in practical settings. On the other hand, more experienced and expert photographers will charge a fair bit more for their skills.

Northumberland wedding photography Bride and Groom

 The key is finding a balance between skill and price. You don’t want to jump at a low price to have sub par wedding images for the rest of your life. The best thing is you have a chance to see their work online before booking. If in doubt ask to see more of their work before parting with your money. If you love the way a photographer’s photos look and they’re offering a price that works for you, go for it and book them quick as good photographers go quick.

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Photographer?

Wedding planners would suggest approx five percent of your budget should go on your photography. Research is the key to this question. Check out 10 local photographers and the quality of their work and the style of their photography meets your needs. Photography is just one of the many elements that go into your wedding, so it’s important not to go overboard when it comes to price. Set a budget and try to stick to it.

Before hiring a wedding photographer, you should meet up with them for a consultation. Most photographers offer free consultations, as they know that hiring a photographer is a huge decision to make. It’s important that you have a good rapport with your photographer, as they will be capturing one of the biggest days of your life and be with you all day.

To sum it all up

Now that we’ve answered your top question – how much do wedding photographers cost in the UK? It’s time to start planning your dream wedding photo shoot. In the end, your wedding photos will preserve the memory of your wedding for years to come.

Hopefully I have shown that choosing a wedding photographer is not a decision that should be purely based on price, as there are many other bits and bobs that go into your wedding photos.

Also judge them by there work and not price alone. Some photographers have both the Quality and Value in their service and provide amazing images. I love photography and have been capturing images for over 40 years and been invoved in business for over  15 years and its sad to say but there are some who believe if you put the word ‘Wedding’ in front of a word it doubles the price!! Shop around and do your research and it will save you money…..enough to help with that Honeymoon Holiday!!

If you connect with a photographer’s portfolio and get on well with them, then they’re probably the best photographer for you. On the flip side, if you love a photographer’s portfolio and they’re offering you a great price but you can’t stand them, don’t hire them. Like I said earlier, you need to have a good rapport with your photographer if you want natural photos of your wedding day.

Some will offer an inclusive pre shoot in their pricing, which is an excellent idea and I do the same. It helps couples relax with the photographer and with being in front of the lens, so on their big day they feel a thousand times more relaxed than someone just turning up on the day!!

Good luck and have a great wedding with whoever you choose.

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Hope you have found this article useful. To help you here are some resources used in the research and all have helpful information on How to Plan Your Wedding.

Here at Northumberland Wedding Photography we like to keep it real with the Pricing of our Packages. Our company Moto is ‘Quality and Value’ and is one we stand by.

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