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Northumberland Wedding Venues Guide – Horton Grange

Northumberland Wedding Venue Guide - Horton Grange

Looking for a Wedding Venue then check out Horton Grange.

Getting Married in Northumberland

Northumberland Wedding Venues - Horton Grange is well worth checking out for any potential Bride and Grooms getting married in Northumberland.

Horton Grange Wedding Venue is an elegant and intimate privately owned Grade II listed Country House offering a distinctive mix of contemporary and traditional decor set in 4 acres of beautiful grounds in Northumberland. 

The house and grounds can be exclusively yours to provide the perfect venue for your special day! That’s what makes it perfect!

I have written this article to help couples get a glimpse into Wedding Venues available if wishing to  getting married  in the heart of Northumberland and looking for that perfect Wedding Venue.

I think it helps couples to see a real wedding having taken place at a venue and they can hopefully have a better picture how theirs may look. Certain things change like decorations, flowers, chair tie backs and table settings. But some brochures have just a plain blank empty room and hopefully this provides some useful help in planning your wedding venue.

They are my own personal views having photographed here a number of times and getting to hear my couples points of views on this venue.  Also I get to hear guest comments about this Northumberland Wedding Venue so have an idea how wedding guests feel about this venue. To put your mind at rest its all positive otherwise it would not appear in this guide.

I have photographed 100+ couples and seen various venues throughout Northumberland but hopefully intend to narrow it down to my top 12 wedding venues in Northumberland. 

What I think most couple like about this venue is it give off a very relaxing atmosphere which you can not but help notice. This occurs as soon as you walk in the entrance. Its kind of like a grand large family home and gives off a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

“If your after exclusive use in an elegant and relaxing venue then consider Horton Grange as a possible wedding venue. I think you could sum it up in two words Elegant and Relaxing and I’m sure your guests will think the same”.

Now lets see a real Horton Grange Wedding and see how this venue may suit your needs. Many venues have staged weddings on their websites which can take days of production so the lighting and settings are perfect. But I think its nice to see a real wedding straight as it comes out of the blocks so you can get a feel for the venue.

Hope it helps!

The Conservatory makes for an ideal wedding ceremony and it is both light and airy. On a personal note your photographer will be pleased with your choice of venue on a photographic point of view, not having to combat dark exposure settings. As a Nikon Pro registered photographer camera equipment has improved leaps and bounds and clients get the benefit of it in their images. 

But Good light is simply good light and that’s what Horton Grange has! 

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The Bedrooms are light and airy with sunlight coming in to light up the rooms on the cloudiest of days. The Bridal Suite and guest rooms all have large full size windows making for perfect lighting. they are elegantly dressed to make for a perfect picture framed image.

Horton Grange as a Northumberland Wedding Venue is well worth a couples consideration.

I hope you liked this article. Its not a review but more of a independent look at the Horton Grange County House with some images from a real wedding to help couples get a better picture of this venue. 

Northumberland Registrars who normally conduct the services at this Venue have a very useful site called My Northumberland Wedding and is well worth viewing to assist in your choices.

Couples are spoilt for choice when looking for Wedding Venues in Northumberland and I have been to quite a few. Some good and some bad so I thought I’d start writing some articles on the good ones to help couples.

Good luck with your wedding plans!

Horton Grange Country House Hotel, Berwick Hill Road, Ponteland Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 6BU t: (01661) 860686 f: (01661) 860308 e:

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