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Pets at Weddings

Looking  to get your pet involved at your Wedding  ?

northumberland wedding photography image of dog at wedding

Getting Married in Northumberland and want your Pet to get invoved? Then say 'I do'.

As a northumberland wedding photographer I have one thing in common with other wedding photographers… worry when pets are involved in a wedding.

But when they are it can be amazing and makes the couples images unique and memorable. I believe it also reflects a couples fun nature by introducing their best friend!!

As a pet owner I know we just can’t get enough of four-legged friends but what about as a wedding guest!!

Guest need to remember that man’s best friend is also the happy couple’s best friend too!

Anyway who could refuse those puppy dog eyes at any wedding!!

What better way to make your wedding extra special and unique than by including your furry best friend.

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“If you have a pet, then it really is part of the family and the thought of your beloved pooch being left at home isn’t such a nice one.  Wedding Venues have become more flexible and  it’s become more and more common for pets to be part of the celebrations. these images are from the Northumberland pet friendly venue of Newton Hall “.

Here in Northumberland as a wedding photographer I love it when pets are involved.

A Pet is not just for Christmas....its for your wedding too!!

Its nice to get some ideas to aid your inspiration for adding your dog into your wedding day!

So lets get started!

On the morning of your wedding days its nice to spend some time with your best friend and it helps them relax. Throw a ball or take them for a walk to exercise them and burn off some energy before the ceremony. That way they will be more relaxed and hopefully compliant ready for the ceremony.

Its also the perfect time to get some shots with your buddy!

Pets at Weddings

Dress them up for the occasion!

Tux or no tux?

You can even add a puppy tuxedo to match your furry friend to the groom!

Speaking of dressing up, make sure they are comfortable in what they are to wear. Possible have a practice run a few days before to make them feel comfortable.

You can try a floral collar or beautiful ribbon for your pup to match them to your wedding colours. You could add some flowers to their collar to match your bouquet.


Once you’re ready to go, it’s time to get them to walk down the aisle!

This is the perfect opportunity to let your pooch shine.

Why not attach a small pillow to your pup with ribbon and have them deliver the rings to the altar. If they are well trained it would be impressive if the groom calls for his best man and they come bounding down the aisle.

I love Nikon Cameras and as a registered Pro User with them I have the confidence in change of pace from a quiet wedding to a dog bounding down the isle.

Imagine what the reaction you will get from the guests.

Whether they act as ring bearer or stand next to you at the altar, there are so many great photo opportunities for you and your pooch.

Remember: not all dogs will love being the centre of attention, especially in front of a big crowd! Make sure your dog will feel comfortable in the commotion of a wedding. Its probably one of the most important day in your life so be careful as to how much to expect from pets at weddings.

Pet friendly Venues

This lovely couple picked the right Northumberland Wedding Venue know to be Pet friendly in Newton Hall. They are definitely pet-friendly at Newton Hall and are heaven for dogs with plenty of grounds to roam. There were dog bowls to quench Sandy’s thirst and they were happy to welcome four-legged friends.

If you’re going to any venue make sure that it’s pet-friendly. More and more hotels will allow you to bring dogs and pets into their grounds and some of the public rooms. Most also have dog friendly bedrooms too and some even provide dog beds, bowls and treats.

Top Tips for Pets at Weddings

You want everyone to have a paw-some day so here are some tips to help!!

  • Your pooch needs to be comfortable wearing anything you decide to put them in, whether its a suit or a ring pouch around the collar. Let them have a rehearsal at home prior to your wedding day. You’ll thank me for that one !!

  • Get a friend or family member who can be trusted as the designated friendly dog-minder for the day? Ideally it needs to be someone your dog knows and will be happy with and they are happy and willing for the task at hand.

  • As the saying goes “Don’t ever work with pets or children!”  If you include your pet in your ceremony , you need to accept the fact that something might go wrong or at least not to plan!! Always have a back up plan or a pre- planned escape route!

  • Take your pup to your venue for a familiarisation visit or two before your wedding day. ask the venue and have a walk around the grounds with them. pop in for a drink and let them get used to the different scents and smells. This will make them more comfortable in their surroundings come the big day.

  • If you feed them in the morning just give them a light meal before hand.

  • Finally…….treats, treats and more treats. Make sure you have plenty of treats on hand and your designated dog handler has a back up supply. Dogs and bribery go a long way to a happier life!!

And two become three!

Here at Northumberland Wedding Photography we love Pets in Weddings. They could make a perfect wedding addition on your big day!


I hope you liked this article. It’s not a review but more of a independent look at Pets at Weddings with some images from a real wedding to help couples get an idea of what is involved. 

Northumberland Registrars  have a very useful site called My Northumberland Wedding and is well worth viewing to assist in your choices with plenty of contacts to make sure that Pets are Welcome.

Good luck with your wedding plans!

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